AWS This is My Architecture Video

I had the honor to present a central part of our architecture in an AWS 'This is My Architecture Video'

This is My Architecture is a video series produced by AWS, where customers are presenting interesting architectures through short video clips.

I had the pleasure and honor to present emnify’s packet gateway architecture in such a video. You can see the result here:

EMnify: Building a Cloud Native Mobile Network for IoT Leveraging AWS’s Global Infrastructure

Thanks to our amazing account manager Karl Oppermann, the AWS TMA team, as well as Amazon’s video crew came over to Munich. In a rented film studio, the crew recorded ca. 20 customer videos. It was a pleasure, to be one of those customers. My host in this video was Thomas Wieger, a Senior Solutions Architect at AWS.

Steffen and Thomas Steffen in front of the Eisbach film studios