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From time to time, I want to say something.

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Due to my new job, I’m currently more focused on learning myself. I’m sure, new topics will come up about which I want to speak actively.

Past Talks

HTTP/2, QUIC, and Multipath-TCP (Mar 2017)

How new protocols are modernizing the web.

  • Event: adidas Tech Talks, Herzogenaurach

(Declarative) Jenkins Pipelines (Mar 2017)

An updated version of the Jenkins Pipelines talk below, this time with the introduction focussing on declarative pipelines.

An Open-Source Chef Cookbook CI/CD Implementation Using Jenkins Pipelines (Feb 2017)

Infrastructure is code and code should be tested. For Chef cookbooks, it is however up to the user to establish such testing and release workflows, at least when relying solely on non-commercial tooling. This talk introduces the - still far from perfect - implementation of a Chef cookbook CI/CD pipeline used in the TYPO3 open source project, publicly available at The complete setup can be instantiated using a publicly available cookbook and is self-contained, i.e., the cookbook passes itself through its pipeline.

This implementation makes use of the novel Jenkins Pipeline plugins, which allow to define pipelines as code.

By pointing to a GitHub organization, any code changes in its cookbook repos trigger a pipeline execution. After passing successfully through the different test stages, including parallelized test-kitchen runs, the upload to the Chef Server terminates the pipeline.

Build it, ship it, run it - here and there (Nov 2016)

Kubernetes as cloud infrastructure solution offering cross-platfrom container orchestration for small and big clusters.

  • Event: Datev TrendScout, Nuremberg

Continuous Delivery (Nov 2016)

An introduction to continuous delivery.

Jenkins Pipelines (Oct 2016)

Pipelines are a central element of Continuous Delivery and break the delivery process down into multiple stages. By visualizing the flow through the pipeline, the delivery team receives feedback about the status of a change made to the delivered software project.

The implementation of such pipelines using the popular Jenkins CI software has been pretty rough until the public release of a whole set of plugins earlier this year. These pipeline plugins are under very active development and now bring decent support for both pipeline visualization as well as configuration using an own domain specific language.

The talk will give an overview over Jenkins’ new pipeline plugins, as well as different ways to define pipelines as code, i.e., manually, by scanning all repos of a Github organization, and via the shared library. By describing a setup for automated testing and releasing of Chef cookbooks, some of the features offered by Jenkins pipelines will be demonstrated.

Let’s go HTTPS-only! (May 2016)

We are really overdue with encrypting all the things! During this talk, I discussed that setting up HTTPS is more than just buying a certificate - for the good and for the bad. On the one hand, one doesn’t even have to buy one, when Let’s Encrypt is an option. On the other hand, there are bunch of options that should be undertaken to make the setup really secure. This includes HTTP Strict Transport Security headers, correct ciphers, and many more.

Cleaning up the Dirt of the Ninetees (May 2016)

How new protocols (HTTP/2, QUIC, Multipath TCP) change the web and data transport.

[German] 7x7 = Feiner Sand - Architekturalternativen für moderne Anwendungen - Docker, Microservices & PaaS (May 2015)

SDN Interfaces and Performance Analysis of SDN Components (Sept. 2014)

[German] DevOps und Continuous Delivery (July 2014)

  • Event: Datev TrendScout, Nuremberg

The Development Infrastructure of the TYPO3 Project (Feb. 2013)

What tools are needed to run an open-source project? This talk gives the answer from a TYPO3 perspective and presents the toolchain.

Using Gerrit Code Review in an Open-Source Project (Feb. 2013)

How the TYPO3 project ensures code quality through peer-reviews using “Gerrit Code Review” This talk presents Gerrit itself and the workflow and lessons learned in a big, community-driven open-source project: the TYPO3 project. Gerrit is used here for all top-level projects (TYPO3 CMS, TYPO3 Flow, TYPO3 Neos) since two years to handle every single code change. In addition to human reviews, automatic tests in Jenkins and TravisCI are executed. Gerrit brings transparency into our community-driven project and allows everybody to participate by pushing patches and voting for/against any change.

Official Infrastructure &
 the TYPO3 Server Admin Team (Nov. 2012)

About the TYPO3 open source project’s infrastructure and how we (the Server Admin Team) maintain it.

[German] Neuigkeiten aus dem TYPO3-Projekt (Oct. 2012)

News from the TYPO3 project. The current status of TYPO3 CMS 6.0, TYPO3 Neos and TYPO3 Flow.

Making of TYPO3 (Dec. 2011)

How TYPO3 is developed.